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Not-so-new learnings from parenting and editing

In this post, Ayesha Chari shares her experiences on running a freelance editing business while bringing up a young child. She opens up about her struggles to juggle work and childcare, some of the ways she’s had to adapt her work routines, and the things that have helped her to get through it all


Making choices:

Mindfulness in difficult times

How do you edit when you’re distracted? What do you do when you’re restless? I tend to stare out the window. A lot. Or people watch or nature watch. But mostly just gaze into nothingness. I daydream my way into new adventures, not-so-new black holes, and back to reality.


Editing tests, clients and the editor

We asked our freelance members for their opinions about editing and proofreading tests: tests set by a potential client to assess the freelancer’s suitability for the job. Here, Ayesha Chari shares what she sees as the pros and cons of editing tests.


Of Indian Englishes, eating heads and doing the needful

‘I can’t get it done on time if you eat my head from the morning!’ Words I said aloud to my other half just before sitting down to write this. (Unusual, given that I’m the one who’s generally doing the nagging.) I am glad no one asked me to prepone submission.


Interview 16: Ayesha Chari

Specializes in language editing and rewriting, editing (what is curiously labeled) non-native English, and copyediting in a wide range of subjects (including the humanities, social sciences, and STM [science, technology, and medicine]


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I’m friendly but shy, and often introverted, but I’m not a tech-bot. And I like meeting other worldviews and experiences. Do say hello!

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